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We are the leaders in integration software and provide solutions throughout North America and Europe. Organizations looking for world-class integration with their business systems turn to Missing Link Technology.

Time & Attendance/ Payroll

Connect your existing software with external Time & Attendance or payroll software.

Outsourced A/R

Are you looking to outsource your accounts receivable services but don’t know how you can do that in a way that seamlessly connects with your other systems?

ERP Systems

Connect your existing ERP software with external systems, third-party systems, or even separated internal systems.

MES Systems

Connect your existing MES software with external systems, third-party systems, or even separated internal systems.

WMS Systems

Connect your existing WMS software with external systems, ERP systems third-party systems, or even separated internal systems.

Savant SAP/Hana

The LINK® integration suite is built to connect systems using widely accepted standards and extensible customizations that accommodate your software’s specific needs as well as the needs of the new system to which your software connects. 


Why Do You Need Missing Link Technology?

Missing Link Technology has focused exclusively on integrations since 2001.
Missing Link Technology has experience with many ERP, MES, labor data collection solutions, planning/scheduling systems, time and attendance, payroll, outsourced A/R, and more.
Our limitless extensibility means support for your home-grown systems, legacy systems, cutting-edge systems, cloud-based solutions and even outdated systems that you aren’t ready to update (yet).
In short, Missing Link offers real-time integration between all applications in your enterprise.
Finally, the ability to have any custom integration solution you need – or train your own IT staff to build and maintain their own solution.

Success Stories

Millions of Transactions

We push millions of transactions through THE LINK® each year at cost of just a small fraction of a cent per transaction.  THE LINK® provides us with both extreme value and reliability.
Rodney Ruddick
Business Systems Manager
Georgia-Pacific LLC

Speed of Transactions

Our previous system was slow and our users had to wait unnecessarily for it to process transactions. After implementing THE LINK® Workflow our users do not need to wait anymore.  The speed of transactions processing increased by 50% or more and led to large gains in productivity.
Leonard Lauw
IT Director
Superglue Corporation

Real-Time Integration

With THE LINK® we were able to easily build real-time integration between our ERP, MES, and Labor tracking systems eliminating the need for manual entry.  With thousands of transactions per hour, and no integration offerings from the system makers, THE LINK® came through for us in making everything connect seamlessly.
Ray Rogers
Network and Technical Services Manager
Bell-Carter Foods, Inc.

Can You Automate This? Yes, We Can

How it started:
“We have a ADP prospect that needs to import drill down data from our GLI into their GL (COINS). They process weekly and want it imported each cycle. For them to do 30+ manual downloads and uploads would be exhaustive. ADP only exports each GL line item, not individual ee detail that comprises that line item. CASH can be lump sum, but the need all debit details (taxes, etc). Is this something you can automate for us?”
How it’s Going:
“This saves us approx. 60 minutes per week of reformatting, sub-totaling, etc.”
Jimeen Hamblen

Our Customers

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