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The LINK® manages all your integrations with a single integration software standard, on-premise or in the cloud.
That means standardized methodologies, standardized capabilities, and standardized support.

The LINK® will help you reach your business goals.

The LINK is a customized integration software suite designed to support rapid development and customization based on your company’s needs. Whether you have an existing system or are needing to streamline disparate systems, don’t reinvent the wheel with every integration project or task. 

The LINK is your answer.

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Best in class Features of The LINK®

Streamlines and Automates Transaction Flows

Passes Transactions in Real Time

Improves Speed-to-Solution

Gives Unlimited API Support

A Turnkey Solution


Built-in Reports


Streamline Integration

and move transactions across systems in real time

The LINK ensures critical transaction information is consistently and automatically delivered to the systems which need it in real time.

Used to process millions of transactions per system each day, The LINK empowers businesses to enter data in one system and have it appear instantly in other linked systems.

This easy-to-use software is ready to go out of the box, with built in adapters to integrate across solutions.

Success Stories

Millions of Transactions

We push millions of transactions through THE LINK® each year at cost of just a small fraction of a cent per transaction.  THE LINK® provides us with both extreme value and reliability.
Rodney Ruddick
Business Systems Manager
Georgia-Pacific LLC

Speed of Transactions

Our previous system was slow and our users had to wait unnecessarily for it to process transactions. After implementing THE LINK® Workflow our users do not need to wait anymore.  The speed of transactions processing increased by 50% or more and led to large gains in productivity.
Leonard Lauw
IT Director
Superglue Corporation

Real-Time Integration

With THE LINK® we were able to easily build real-time integration between our ERP, MES, and Labor tracking systems eliminating the need for manual entry.  With thousands of transactions per hour, and no integration offerings from the system makers, THE LINK® came through for us in making everything connect seamlessly.
Ray Rogers
Network and Technical Services Manager
Bell-Carter Foods, Inc.

Integration that doesn’t require an implementation specialist

The LINK® is designed to be system-agnostic, able to work with disparate systems and provide support for advanced technologies.

Reporting with The LINK

Integration and Monitored Real-Time Reporting Dashboards

Focus on solving business problems, not monitoring, tracking, or other integration infrastructure.
Reduce concern around your integrations with KPI’s, transaction timelines, and other real-time reporting.

Reporting is key to any successful organization. Having advanced and broad reporting capabilities means that The Link® gives you tangible facts to identify areas that could be run more efficiently.


In addition to the real-time reporting provided by the Transaction monitor, there are a number of reporting capabilities built into the Transaction Manager to facilitate high-level managerial dashboard and timeline reports, key process indicator (KPI) reports, and periodic reporting to see what has happened in the last hour, day, week, etc.


The LINK Transaction Manager

Supported Integration Lifecycle Management

  • Easily implement API’s as part of your integration.
  • Maps deploy a Windows services.
  • Benefit from a real-time solution with real-time monitoring

The Link Transaction Manager allows deployed maps to be managed effectively to provide real-time information on:

  • Map Activity – what are my integration maps doing right now
  • Transaction reprocessing – to accommodate errors or bad data.
  • Management KPI reports drill-able to minute detail for any time frame.
  • Pre-defined time frame reports:  What has happened in the last minute, last hour, last day, last week, etc.


The LINK has a friendly User Interface

The Link® has a user-friendly interface that can be used to create real-time maps that run continuously with no user interaction required.

It’s easy to create custom views and filters, file libraries, function libraries and more.


Integrating your Systems with The LINK

The Link® is designed to be system-agnostic, able to work with disparate systems and provide support for advanced technologies. Users determine the endpoints and then map the data between them, including transformation as needed.

We have experience working with a large number of business systems. View the growing list here.

  • Simple GUI-oriented integration, or advanced support for custom .NET code.
  • Use built-in transformation functions or create your own using Visual Studio.
  • MORE
Real-Time Monitoring

No Guessing!

The Link monitors data in real time to show what was sent, what is pending and what failed data needs to be resent.


why settle for less?

Your business systems drive your productivity, so why settle for less?
When your pre-built solution that should be good enough just isn’t, you need a powerful, flexible and extensible integration or workflow solution for your manufacturing shop floor.
Let us give you exactly what you need – without settling.