Payroll / Time & Attendance Integration

Are you looking to connect your existing software with external Time & Attendance or payroll software?

Are you looking to connect your existing software with external Time & Attendance or payroll software? Are you wondering how you can do that in a way that seamlessly connects with your ERP system (or other systems) without a lot of required manual actions? 

We can help!

The LINK® manages all your integrations with a single software standard. This means standardized methodologies, standardized capabilities, and standardized support.  

The LINK is the best choice for all of your Time & Attendance and Payroll integration needs!

Piece Rate Calculations

 A thorny issue for integration because they:

– Are Often Stored In Separate Systems; 
– Can Be Updated Frequently; 
– Have Custom Rules Per System;
– Have Custom Rules Per Customer.

The LINK handles these issues gracefully by maintaining a connection between the piece rate repository and your software. Whether piece rate is stored in the ERP system, another system, or even the Controller’s Excel spreadsheet, The LINK will handle it.  
The LINK’s .NET extensibility allows for custom rules to be applied per transaction, ensuring you will meet the piece rate calculation needs of the system. 

Cross Reference Data

Which can be difficult to include because:

– Data is stored in separate systems; 
– Data may require calculations or transformations to be utilized; 
– Accessing the cross-reference data in the other systems may require API, DLL, or other advanced access methodologies. 

The LINK has broad support for API’s, DLL’s, web services, REST services, Azure/AWS cloud services, and more.
It allows you to access the related data and roll it up into your systems through a graceful integration. 


Based on user-defined criteria:

– Employee just crossed over to overtime hours;
– Employee did not clock-in/out according to schedule (requires schedules);
– Production milestones;
– Machine maintenance milestones; 
– Your event here.  Event criteria is user-definable. 

The LINK has support for custom criteria – so no matter what the alert criteria is, if they can describe it, then The LINK can probably support it. 
Alerts can be stored in the database (for reporting) and/or go out as emails or text messages.  Alerts are in real-time – just like you expect them to be. 


Fields, Reports, Rules, Reformatting

Reformat data for import or for targeting your Time & Attendance/payroll system, or other systems.
Link disparate systems together: labor data collection, time and attendance, payroll, ERP, reporting, home-grown, etc. 

Fringe Benefit Calculations

Extra benefits, supplements to salary 

Prevailing wage in government contracts (as determined by the contract and the locality);
Calculations for perks such as use of a company car, subsidized meals, memberships, etc. 

The rules governing how fringe benefits are calculated can be quite complex and based on many factors.  
The LINK can:  cross-reference, join data, lookup data, and apply the necessary formulas to make fringe benefit calculations.
Whether required because of a government contract, or simply offered as a perk from your company, TheLINK has your calculations covered. 

Leverage enterprise-class integration capabilities: 


Real-time integration with systems and the ability to maintain the integration even if the customer switches to a new ERP or other system. 

Real Time

Monitoring and error reporting.


Self-maintaining transactional history. 


Dozens of built-in reports including KIP reports, pie charts, timeline charts, aggregations, distributions, reports per minute, per hour, per day, etc.   

Missing Link Technology has deep domain knowledge of ERP and manufacturing as well as integration experience with dozens of ERP and other manufacturing systems.  You can leverage best-of-breed solutions to work with your WMS system by using The LINK® for seamless integration between all systems.