Outsourced A/R Integration

Are you looking to connect your existing software with external Accounts Receivable software?

Are you looking to outsource your Accounts Receivable needs?  Are you wondering how you can do that in a way that seamlessly connects with your ERP system (without required manual actions)? 

We can help!

The LINK® manages all your integrations with a single software standard. This means standardized methodologies, standardized capabilities, and standardized support. 

The LINK is the best choice for all of your Outsourced A/R  integration needs!

ERP Systems

 Two-way integrations with a variety of ERP

We support integration with a wide variety of ERP systems and provide adapters maps for two-way integration with Outsourced A/R systems.

ERP to Outsourced A/R
– Customers
– Customer Contacts
– Customer/Sales Orders
– Invoices
– Invoice Payments
– Credit Memos
– Refunds/Returns

Outsourced A/R to ERP
– Invoice Payments
– Credit Memos
– Refunds/Returns
Integration maps can be configured to run at any time interval including real-time (if your system’s capabilities support that).  Automated failover-retry-remediation is built-in for all transactions as well as a host of other enterprise-class integration capabilities.

Leverage enterprise-class integration capabilities: 


Real-time integration with systems and the ability to maintain the integration even if the customer switches to a new ERP or other system. 

Real Time

Monitoring and error reporting.


Self-maintaining transactional history. 


Dozens of built-in reports including KIP reports, pie charts, timeline charts, aggregations, distributions, reports per minute, per hour, per day, etc.   

Missing Link Technology has deep domain knowledge of ERP and manufacturing as well as integration experience with dozens of ERP and other manufacturing systems.  You can leverage best-of-breed solutions to work with your WMS system by using The LINK® for seamless integration between all systems.