Reporting with The LINK®

Integration and Monitored Real-Time Reporting Dashboards

Reporting is key to any successful organization.

Having advanced and broad reporting capabilities means that The LINK® gives you tangible facts to identify areas that could be run more efficiently.

In addition to the real-time reporting provided by the Transaction monitor, there are a number of reporting capabilities built into the Transaction Manager to facilitate high-level managerial dashboard and timeline reports, key process indicator (KPI) reports, and periodic reporting to see what has happened in the last hour, day, week, etc.

The LINK includes built-in reports for all levels from real-time technical reports, to summary and timeline reports, to pie chart reports on transaction classes, all the way up to KPI reports for managers.

  • Built-in logging, reporting
  • Built-in message queue support
  • Built-in blocking and other service-coordination workflow mechanisms
  • Built-in service error monitoring and service resetting
  • Built-in error reporting
  • Built-in reporting tool allows user-defined reports to be created in seconds and accessed with no additional interface required
  • Inter-service communication support

Managerial Reports

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Managerial Reports (high-level, Charts) can be created for all deployed maps or any subset of maps, for any time period you specify. All reports are “live” meaning that you can double-click on pie slices for ever more increasing detail.

Missing Link Technology has deep domain knowledge of ERP and manufacturing as well as integration experience with dozens of ERP and other manufacturing systems.  You can leverage best-of-breed solutions to work with your WMS system by using TheLINK for seamless integration between all systems