We recently came across a blog titled “Custom Systems Integration:  How to Overcome the 5 Key Challenges to Successful Systems Integration”.

The author talks about the human component of system integration:  “Many challenges aren’t in fact technical – they’re the issues that human beings run into when taking on complex projects”.

Here are the five steps the author lists and what we think are the key takeaways:

Develop consensus around business needs. 
“Bridging disparate systems almost always involves addressing the needs of multiple departments… negotiating the goals for the project in advance is key to success.”

This is so true, and we are here to help you through this process. For those of you who just want it DONE, Missing Link Technology is the answer! Not only do we deliver a real-time, fully automated integration that becomes a part of your ecosystem, but we also both monitor and maintain the integration throughout the life of the integration.

Integrate inter-departmental protections.
“Limiting access appropriately is a critical part of ensuring long-term success…”

With The LINK®, you choose the data you want to move from each system. There is no need to send data to systems where it may be viewed by those that shouldn’t see it.

Embrace detail. Document everything. Discard nothing.
“Your systems integration project can end up looking very different as it moves from the planning stage to and through the development stage.”

Absolutely true, this is why an integration system like The LINK is necessary. As changes occur in your systems and your company, the integration changes with you.

Build in dynamism and post-project costs.
“Change is a constant when it comes to systems integration.”

We couldn’t agree more! But with The LINK, the pricing is all up front and more affordable than you think. Contact us for a quote!

Plan for emerging technologies.
“Keeping the system modular and flexible enhances the shelf life of an integration.”

That sounds like The LINK to us!  Check it out!