The Importance of a Distributed Integration

Integrating your enterprise is no longer as simple as installing an integration server and running everything through one server at one location. Even if you have a cloud-based integration, integrating multiple sites can get bogged down in time lags and latencies.

A better and more timely solution uses distributed integration services. With distributed integration services,

  • your map that reads data is deployed close to the system that it is reading from.
  • your map that writes data is deployed close to the system that it writes to.
  • use asynchronous messages queues to transfer data between integration maps so that the integration is robust and delays are less relevant.

Maintaining a real-time integration between geographically distributed systems is a challenge and you need an integration solution that has the proper strategy to deliver on the challenge. You need a solution using distributed integration services that synchronize with each other in the background, without affecting the systems or users by introducing delays.

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