A Better Way

If you are a software company looking to integrate your software offering with another system what do you do? Do you try to build that integration yourself?  Do you seek out an expert on the system that you intend to integrate with? Or is there a better way?

In most cases, we see software companies reaching out to a system expert for the system they wish to integrate with; then another expert for their next system, then another, then another, and so on.  The software company now has ten integrations using 10 different integrators and none of them with anything in common.

When there are problems with the integration, and there always are, they must find the company (or worse – the person) that created the integration and get them to sort out the issue, with no real ability to troubleshoot things for themselves using their existing support staff.

This is not good for the software company, and definitely not good for their customers.

A much better solution would be to bring the integration all under a single package.  A single solution that is able to target many different systems: ERP, MES, CRM, time and attendance, payroll, labor data collection, and more.  With all integrations handled through a common system, IT support staff can be trained on the integration system and handle the vast majority of support calls in-house, needing only to involve a systems expert for rare cases.

Missing Link Technology and The LINK® work with almost any ERP, MES, Payroll, Time and Attendance, and other systems. The Link not only provides a consistent tool for your customer, but for you it means one number and ONE support call.