Your Time is Valuable, and so is your customer’s

This is Mark’s featured article in the third Missing Link Technology Partner Newsletter

My recent blog post, “Mapping for Exceptions“, addresses one of the real differentiators between integration providers – how do they handle exceptions?

When you create an integration, the integration should be fully automated INCLUDING EXCEPTIONS.

When contracting someone to build your integration, be sure to ask:

  • How do they deal with connectivity or availability errors?
  • How do they deal with failures based on data?

When an integration is created, it should be fully automated INCLUDING EXCEPTIONS.

Do not accept an integration that requires manual follow-up for situations that you know could be handled automatically (in another more capable system). If you can describe how an error could be accommodated, then your integration solution should be able to accommodate it.

Do not accept solutions that place the burden on your team, and do not accept solutions that send out error messages that can be ignored.

Your time is valuable. Your customer’s time is valuable. You expect that your integration solution should be fully automated and work as well as your software does.

Do not accept less.

Mark Johansson
Founder and Chief Technology Officer