The LINK® Value Proposition, part two

Addressing the high cost of custom (build-your-own) integration software

In the last issue we discussed why companies pursue custom integration options and the cost of building a custom integration. But it doesn’t stop there…

The cost of continued support for this custom product can be staggering. After building the integration(s), the in-house IT/development staff will need to take time away from their regular tasks to keep the integrations working properly and to support them when they break. Who will do their work while they are tending to the development and upkeep of this solution?

Hint – If you’re using a consultant/contractor for your custom integration, get a quote for the project with continued support.

A few other considerations:

  • After the original designers have left, who handles support and changes?
  • When business systems upgrade, the integration may also need to change. This may mean working with the software company’s developers.

The cost of the integration makes it difficult to justify changing business systems, “trapping” you in legacy software.

We Support You Beyond Implementation

Once the integration is complete, we also monitor your integration through real-time error and health notifications to ensure that any problems are quickly identified and addressed.  Instead of you calling us to report a problem that is preventing you from continuing production we email you to tell you what we fixed so things ran smoothly. Now that’s service!.

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