What it Means to Partner with Missing Link Technology

Mark Johansson
Founder and Chief Technology Officer

This is Mark’s featured article in the first Missing Link Technology Partner Newsletter

Missing Link Technology offers you turnkey integration solutions so that you can focus on your software, your clients and growing your business.  Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You develop software and… You are regularly asked if your solution “works with” another system.
  • You resell software and… You want to open more doors by offering the ability to tie your solution to others.
  • You are a consultant and… Your clients and prospects need to integrate their business systems.

How Does It Work?

The partnership is easy – contact us to learn more. The solution is easy too – we offer you The LINK®, a powerful and flexible integration suite. The Link® allows your core application, add-on applications, (or your software product, if you are a software company) to communicate with an unlimited number of other systems such as ERP, Time and attendance, shop floor systems, and more. Endlessly extensible through tight integration with Visual Studio, The Link® has the power and the flexibility to integrate to all your systems.

What Makes Missing Link Technology Different?

Ours is an attractive and relieving alternative to integration sites that force you to learn their tools and build your own integration. We provide everything for you, as well as a timeline that you can count on to include with your project.

We Support Your Client Beyond Implementation

Once the integration is complete, we also monitor your integration through real-time error and health notifications to ensure that any problems are quickly identified and addressed.  Instead of you calling us to report a problem that is preventing you from continuing production we email you to tell you what we fixed so things ran smoothly. Now that’s service that makes you look like a Rock Star!

What If I Want to Do More for My Client?

For those that want more control, our powerful tools turn GUI objects into Visual Studio projects that you can view, edit, and extend, leaving you in control and without a new language to learn.

We are focused on providing integration solutions based on Microsoft technologies and not proprietary objects and code.  We have the fastest learning curve in the integration industry, and a speed-to-solution that leaves other lacking.