eCommerce Automation

What Is Automated eCommerce?

Automation in eCommerce is the usage of multiple software applications and related instruments that create a sequence of processes, which eventually reduces redundancy, removes disconnectivity, increases growth and efficiency, and simplifies flow. In other words, automated eCommerce involves an almost hands-free operation that allows you to focus on revenue-generating activities instead of worrying about various tasks.

Best Practices In Automated eCommerce

The BI strategy includes determining the triggering points, such as conditions for alerts and reports, as well as other data sets for specific situations.

With the BI strategies and applications’ synchronized functionalities, better and faster decisions can be made. For this purpose, only software applications that provide real-time data collection and reporting should be adopted. This being said, integrating BI with data is crucial to ensure prompt handling of issues.

Source: Why Automated eCommerce Is The Future Of eCommerce

This article proves you can improve your customer satisfaction by improving your speed to fulfillment, inventory accuracy, and by eliminating manual errors in order fulfillment process. Automated integration with your ERP system means that the online presence is always up to date and orders are electronically accepted immediately.

  • Do you fulfill orders manually, or is everything automated?
  • Do your online sales require manual follow-up in order to fulfill the orders?
  • Are depleted and received inventory updated automatically?

Whether you are focused on B2B or B2C, a robust integration can help translate into more sales and more efficiency for your business.

Standard point-to-point integration and automation offerings only target 2 or 3 systems. The LINK® offers system-agnostic integration that connects all of your disparate systems, internal or external.

With built-in error trapping, logging, reporting, monitoring, review and transaction retry capabilities, all you have worry about is your business rules and nothing else; no other code or development effort required.

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