Is your integration up to speed?

First, we are assuming your business systems are integrated already. If they aren’t, this information is still important to you – but the big question is WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

An integrated system will streamline your processes, reduce costs and ensure efficiency.

Way back in 2017 (light years in the technology world!), Tony Latter was talking about the time-saving advantages of integration in his blog.

Latter said, “System integration allows the user to work from a single system and/or workstation. Changes can be made from one screen, instead of having multiple computer systems and processes running simultaneously. This will reduce the time spent on training your administrators to use multiple tools, and ensure they have an in-depth knowledge of the integrated system.”

He added “As the data will not have to be exported, imported or replicated, there is less chance for human error. This will provide you with more accurate and trustworthy data.

“How can you go faster if you don’t know what’s slowing you down?”

Carmen DeArdo,
Standing on Shoulders: A Leader’s Guide to Digital Transformation

Real-Time Integration = Speed

Everyone wants real-time integration. Who would want to wait for their data to replicate? Some companies continue to rely on batch integration because of a need for speed. The LINK® integration services run as background windows services with incredibly low overhead. Unburdened services run at around 400 transactions per second on a typical server, making the processing of thousands or tens of thousands of transactions per hour well within reach.

On real-time integration, Latter said “Real-time visibility is important in making accurate and timely decisions. When information can be accessed instantly and no resources or time are wasted on extraction – your data will be transferred much quicker. This means your people will be better informed on recent developments, which will assist them to make faster and smarter decisions. This ensures all aspects of business will improve – ranging from marketing, through to account management and finance.”

Batch integrations are outdated and archaic. If Tony Latter recognized this in 2017, it’s only more true today.

Why are you waiting for your data? Get your data in real-time with The LINK.