Yes, your systems can be integrated

Here is an article worth sharing – “Your Biggest Obstacle to Growth May Lie Within Your Own 4 Walls” by Matthew Brown.

In the article the author covers 3 steps to take to prepare for growth, and number two is Make sure your systems can be integrated.

In this section he states “It’s easy for companies of any size to drown in an excess of platforms and disparate systems, but the problem is exacerbated at scale.” He is basing this on a study conducted by Bain Capital. The study found the biggest barriers to growth for 85 percent of companies come from inside their own organization. When talking with companies of all sizes, many had become too complex in their processes and now are being beat by leaner, faster, more efficient companies.

One way to become (or remain) lean, fast and efficient is to do what Brown suggests – make sure your systems can be integrated. Thankfully you don’t have to rush out and find new software to run the various parts of your business, you simply need to give us a call. We analyze your existing systems and business needs, then deliver a fully automated integration that becomes a part of your ecosystem. We also monitor and maintain the integration throughout its life. We do this all for a cost that is less than our competition charges for simply providing you integration endpoints and leaving you to do the integration work.

Integration of your business systems won’t resolve all of your internal issues, but it will go a long way to making you lean, fast and efficient – and that’s a great start! We are ready and able to talk with you about your needs.