The Power of Real-Time Integration

Originally printed in Missing Link Technology’s second Partner Newsletter

Brett Bruvold
Brett Bruvold
Business Development

A big topic in our recent blogs is batch vs. real-time integrations.

Real-time integrations provide a company of any size the reports and data they need in a timely fashion, giving them the speed and flexibility they need to compete. If you aren’t offering real-time transfer of data from your system to others, your prospects and customers may be lagging behind their competition.

Missing Link Technology offers real-time integration that help our Partners close deals. When our Partners get that age-old question “does your solution work with X?” not only can they say YES but they know they can offer the most state-of-the-art integration available.

When data is not flowing from one system to another in real-time, you can never be sure of your data.

Before coming to Missing Link Technology, I was a Partner of theirs, so I’m not just telling this story – I LIVED it. Not only did I get new sales, I kept others from dropping our product for a different one because I was able to make it work with their other business systems. As a Partner I saw my close rate go up by 35% once I was able to bring Missing Link Technology in to the deal.

If you have lost a deal because of the integration issue we should talk. Our experience, our pricing, our knowledge, and our desire to see you close more deals are a win-win for both of us. With Missing Link Technology in your corner, there are many new markets for you to sell your products!

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