Just read the table and create a .csv for import.

Really? Because we’re trapped in 1985 here?

Times are changing. When facing an integration problem the old answer was usually something along the lines of “read a table and create a delimited file for import”. This answer is quickly losing its feasibility. So many systems are now making themselves available only online.

Microsoft d365, Salesforce, NetSuite, and so many others no longer allow you to read the database. To get data in and out of today’s systems you need a formal integration solution capable of targeting APIs. Just hacking something together using Excel is too weak, and creating your own custom application not feasible.

Some products come with capabilities for importing or exporting data, but this does not satisfy the need to get data into your other systems and puts the burden on you to figure out your own integration solution.

  • You need a system that is capable of targeting the APIs for all calls that you need to make, and for all systems that you need to integrate.
  • You need a system that is not limited to just one system or a few API calls.
  • You need a system that you can buy once and leverage to integrate all of your systems, old and new.

Tired of thinking through your own cobbled together integration solution each time you have a need to exchange data or automate transactions? The time has come for a formal integration solution that can handle your current and future needs, integrate to your current and future systems, and free up your time to focus on your business.

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